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The Aurora Estate is owned by two young women who decided to carry out their dreams. We have designed the concept and the main building from the very beginning, and we believe that you feel and taste it. We love our small boutique hotel and we especially enjoy ours when we can spoil guests. “Find us, we’ll spoil you” is our slogan!


We have been friends for many years before establishing the company, but most importantly, we have always worked together. We quickly realized that our cooperation makes a lot of sense, and both of us have excellent way of taking care of a guest. We wanted to build something new and modern which respects Lapland. Especially the environment where we are.

Aurora Estate is the dream of two women and have now been running for 4 years. Heidi Seikkula acts as the CEO of our company and manages the hotel and the restaurant. She also ensure, that your dream holiday is well planned before you arrive. Heidi has organized a lot of beautiful weddings, many proposals, company meetings and plenty of different kind of celebrations. She makes sure that upon your arrival you have skis waiting, greatest safaris reserved for you, and your only task is to enjoy. You can feel safe and concentrate on your vacation. Because this is your vacation, and you’ve been waiting for it for a long time.

Sirly Schinmann is in charge of the restaurant’s kitchen. Her artwork is reflected in the presentation of the dishes and in the design of the dishes. Sirly selects the raw materials according to the harvest season, and ethics are important for both entrepreneurs, including wine and coffee. When she is planning the dishes, little element of a surprise is always important, of course not forgetting the great culinary experience. Sirly is also doing plenty of work as a private chef as well as C-more sports channel food sections. You can see her in the Alps and bowling TV shows. You may remember Sirly in Finland’s first MasterChef TV show, where he was third in ranking.

Our love towards Ylläs and travel industry make us perfect combination to make your holiday unforgettable. We are Aurora Estate.

We want to build a resort where the tranquility and serenity of Lapland is perfectly captured for our guests. Once you lay your foot in Aurora Estate, you can leave the rest of the world behind, and focus enjoying your stay, even if it would be just for cup of coffee or a week stay in our welcoming Boutique hotel.


with love,
Heidi & Sirly