Wild Christmas

Wild Christmas

May I introduce Wild Christmas 2018!

House bread and spruce butter.

Our wonderful employee, Milja, brought bread root to our kitchen from the early 50’s .

We have developed our own recipe around it, and that’s how we make our house bread.



We use a wild Finnish whitefish and its served with buttermilk, fish roe, grandmother’s cucumber, croutons and dill. Simple but exciting!



The most beautiful ingredient in Lapland! Our reindeer comes close to the Swedish border.

Reindeer tartar, truffle, mushroom mayonnaise , beetroot, onion, organic egg.


Wild boar

The Finn does not have Christmas without ham, and this is super delicious ham!  Wild pigs from Sweden, seasonal vegetables and Christmas flavors.


Finnish apples toasted and caramelized with white chocolate and house ice cream.