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In our Sauna section we have Jussan pirtti, which has an electric sauna, showers and a traditional Lappish dining room with a fireplace. We also have a traditional smoke sauna and a jacuzzi outside. Perfect place to see the Northern Lights!

We can package these services according to your wishes. For example, the Jussan Pirtti can function as a private restaurant up to 20 people. You can reserve individually the electric sauna, a dinner and the Jacuzzi – or everything at once.

Saunas are available to customers who are not staying in the hotel, within the restaurant’s opening hours upon request.


It’s wonderful to relax in the jacuzzi after a long skiing trip.


Come spend quality time with your friends.


Has it been way too long since you’ve last pampered your spouse? How does a romantic weekend sound at the shores of Ylläs lake?


We create different kinds of packages on these services and we can also have the pirtti, log house as a private restaurant for max 20 persons.

Jussan pirtti will also be equipped for meetings.

We take inquiries by e-mail


Package Price
Electric sauna + smoke sauna + ice swimming + jacuzzi 435€ + 15€ person
Electric sauna + ice swimming + jacuzzi 240€ + 10€ person

All the packages include: facility usage for 2 to 5 hrs, heating, towels, cleaning.
The sauna facilities have alcohol serving rights, so it’s not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages.
Sauna facilities’ usage is limited to 11PM.