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Aurora Estate’s food is local and the ingredients are ethically sourced. Pure nature and its flavours play an important role on the plate. The same ideology is applied to the wines. Northern delicacies are presented in a modern way in Aurora Estate’s menu: wild herbs, game meat and fresh fish. For example, the pike on the menu are mainly caught in Lake Ylläsjärvi.

The menu is short, but all the more delicious. Everything is handcrafted from the best seasonal ingredients and there are two lovingly put-together options: a longer five-course meal and a slightly shorter experience of starter, main and dessert. Inspiration for the dishes is also drawn from childhood tastes. Grandma’s barley mash was Sirly’s greatest childhood treat. Made from wooden spoons, barley and reindeer slurry, it has been served to customers as a side dish with reindeer and the feedback was rave. In addition to the delicate and charming flavours, the food at the restaurant is incredibly beautiful – here the dishes are like works of art on a plate. Customers are welcomed to enjoy them as warmly as if they were a village in their own home.


Please inform us of special diets and allergies when making the booking so we can serve you the best possible way.
Unless we have all needed informations in advance, we might not be able to rect to this on spot anymore.



You can join us for breakfast from outside our hotel as well.

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